The valley of Caleu is a traditional honey-making region, due to its floral trees,  which allows an important support to local economic activity.  A Nursery (Maternity) for Queen Bees is one of them.

Apitherapy, known to the Chinese and the Incas, using the venom from the bee-sting (apitoxin) has gained many followers due to the positive results in the curing and relieving of the pains of lumbago, arthiritis, rheumatism and other conditions,.

Propolis – used by Egyptian priests and later by the Greeks -, has immense healing properties, as it is antibacterial, antiviral, antifungal, anti-inflammatory, non-allergenic and anaesthetic.

Royal Jelly, the food of queen bees has energizing properties, regularizing hormones, antioxidants and natural restoratives, especially useful for sportspeople.

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