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Caleu Team

We are a young spirited team with a long experience in tourism. We share values such as empathy, fraternity and commitment. We reinvent ourselves and we are constantly learning to be the architects of the cultural exchange that entails responsible tourism.

Caleu Valley

It is also known that during the war of independence, “after the defeat of the Spanish in the Battle of Chacabuco (1818) people fled in order to get to Valparaiso hoping to return to Spain, leaving the mines blocked and gathering all the gold that they could load. Others remained hidden in the mountains and ended up dwelling in the places that offered them the greatest security and possibility for survival, like the hidden valley of Caleu and the oak mountain (Cerro el Roble).

Wines and Vineyard

In La Viñita de Caleu we started a project with sauvignon blanc, malbec and mission grapes !. Our famous wine tasting ceremonies have the priority of allowing visitors to get acquainted with the excellence of the wines from the Movement of Independent Vintners (MOVI). To enjoy wine all that it takes, is a bottle of the correct variety, vintage and a relaxing and friendly environment for meaningful conversation. The Chilean Noble Prize poet Pablo Neruda immortalised this need for conversation in his Oda al Vino (Ode to Wine)

‘I like on the table, when we’re speaking, the light of a bottle of intelligent wine…’
Pablo Neruda
Chilean poet

Our Team

Álvaro González

Executive Director
He is The dreammer that started to live his dream in Caleu. Álvaro is the owner and host. He also is the creative mind and expert guide.

Francisca Hunting

Sales & Marketing Manager
In charge of design products (product development), organizing and planning.

Nelson Villanueva

Viña Caleu y Cabalgatas
He is the expert on horses and winemaker. Also a local guide.

José Manuel Gajardo

Logistics & Operations
Guide in our tours in Santiago and Chile.

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