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We love wine

Chilean Wine Personal Notes   “Oh, Chile largo pétalo                       “Oh, Chile, long petal de mar y vino y nieve”                  of sea and wine and snow”                                       (Neruda)   Even as a final year High School and college student, I was always … Read More

Chilean food

Homemade bread, empanadas, pebre sauce, corn cakes, corn pie, olive cazuela, nuts and prickly pear fruits are amongst the specialities of the region. … Read More


For those interested in flowers, a visit to a nursery for Cacti and Suculent is a must along with the famous Chilean palm tree and endemic wild flowers like the Alstroemeria and the Ananuca of the Cordillera.


The valley of Caleu is a traditional honey-making region, due to its floral trees,  which allows an important support to local economic activity.  A Nursery (Maternity) for Queen Bees is one of them. Apitherapy, known to the Chinese and the … Read More

The Manor of Caleu

The trip to the Chapel of Caleu village begins and ends in the square, and in its manor house built around 1770,. It represents the  Spanish colonial style of architecture of mud brick construction, with clay roof tiles, which even … Read More

Ode to Wine

Day-colored wine, night-colored wine, wine with purple feet or wine with topaz blood, wine, starry child of earth, wine, smooth as a golden sword, soft as lascivious velvet, wine, spiral-seashelled and full of wonder, amorous, marine; never has one goblet … Read More