Corporate Social Responsability


Tourists tend to zip through a place, adding a check mark to their “been there, seen that” list of cities and countries. Others know better. Travelers tend to experience a place from the inside rather than view it as an outsider. They prefer to linger in one place and savor the local culture, knowing that a closer encounter with a location allows people to learn more about cuisine, customs and history than a one-day jaunt through a city can provide. World Wide Opportunities on Organic Farming (Wwoofing International) www.wwoofchile.cl/farms-description-comments/757-vina-caleu

Caleu Primary School

Needless to say that Education in Caleu is the main priority of the community and also of our efforts to contribuye to give opportunities to children who deserve and need it. Visitors have the opportunity to interact with children and the teachers of the School and do manual work as “one of us”. So, in Caleu, some of the community giveback projects and participation of foreign visitors are focused on working at the Caleu School with 48 children ages 4 to 12, who are always in need of some help.

Caleu Foundation

The Foundation for Education and Sport of Caleu is an initiative which hopes to establish itself as an innovator and mentor in the development of education and health in the community of Til Til. In particular, the Foundation aims to prioritise the creation of conditions which allow Til Til’s children to obtain study grants, training and continued development, especially through sport.

Sports & Athletics.

Caleu Athletics Club, focused on talented boys and girls from rural and also from rough urban areas, focused on long distance running, Marathon, Mountain Running and Trail Running