Our Ambassador



Luis Valle Barrientos has had a very outstanding career being part of the national ultra trail team. It is located among the 30 best trailers in the world of trail running.
Luis, who came as number 1 from Chile and best ranked in our country, confirmed the good time he lives in this wonderful sport. He was the first Chilean to cross the goal porch and the 3rd South American preceded by an Argentine and a Peruvian. Methodical work and good planning are essential to achieve the level displayed today by our athlete from the town of Montenegro. His coach, Leonardo Astorga comments that family support (his mother and his cousins), who accompany his entire process, was essential in obtaining his trophy. Luis, through the Santiago Marathon Corporation, became part of the select group of Chilean long distance athletes.

Caleu Travel has incorporated it as an icon of sport in the area, which is why it became the main face of the brand.

Main achievements:

  • National Trail Champion, years 2017 – 2019
  • South American Champion of Tral – 2018-2019
  • 28th Place in World Trail Championship, in Villa Angostura, AR – 2019 career as an ultra-trail national team