Virtual Trekking through the History of Valparaiso!

Virtual Tour
Trekking through the History of Valparaiso
  • Zoom Meeting
  • 1 hr duration

Valparaiso was born out of the sea. Its history is that of all men who struggle with two loves — the land and the sea — and for this reason, to get to know Valparaiso, one has to use its historic funiculars and explore its hills.

The city of Valparaiso is Chile’s main port. From the time of its discovery by the Spanish Conquistador Juan de Saavedra in 1536, Valparaiso has developed thriving activities always linked to the sea, seafarers and their historic journeys, artists and commercial shipping.

We will discover some of these aspects and places, virtual trekking the hills (such as Cerro Alegre, Cerro Concepción, Cerro Panteón, Cerro Cárcel) and the city (murals and funiculars)

Date: November 25th

Time zone options:

East Coast 

New York & Miami – 6 pm / Toronto (Canada) – 6 pm / Santiago – 7 pm 

West Coast 

California – 5 pm / Vancouver (Canadá) – 5 pm / Santiago – 9 pm


United Kingdom (London) – 6:30 pm / Germany – 5:30 pm / Switzerland – 5:30 pm / Spain – 5:30 pm / Santiago – 12.30 pm 


The presenter: Alvaro González. He is a dreamer, multifaceted character who has served as a lawyer, athlete and as a prominent promoter of athletics in Chile. Passionate about tourism, he began to live his dream in Caleu, supporting the community in different aspects. Álvaro is an open book with a creative mind, with extensive knowledge about the history of the most relevant tourist places in Chile..


Price: USD 20 each guest


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