Exclusive Chilean wine tasting experience of unique signature wines, all made by local and regional winemakers paired with seasonal goat cheese, olives, sopaipillas, and hand-made empanadas, while overlooking the beautiful scenery of the countryside. Malbec, Carmenere, Cabernet Sauvignon, Syrah, Sauvignon Blanc and Mission in a 1 hct. of Caleu Vineyard, planted at 1,100 mts. above sea level. Also we include unique signature wines from the most irreverent creative winemakers in Chile who have formed the Movimiento de Viñateros Independientes (Movement of Independent Vintners.


Horseback Riding or Trekking through these beautiful landscapes and diverse fauna and flora. It is the perfect match for a full day or a weekend at Caleu. Most of the tours begin with an encounter with nature, at this unique place located one hour north from Santiago, including a lunch with local delicacies, friendly conversation.


Tourists tend to zip through a place, adding a check mark to their “been there, seen that” list of cities and countries. Others know better. Travelers tend to experience a place from the inside rather than view it as an outsider. They prefer to linger in one place and savor the local culture, knowing that a closer encounter with a location allows people to learn more about cuisine, customs and history than a one-day jaunt through a city can provide.

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Cabaña La Viñita de Caleu

Just 50 minutes from Santiago

This little cottage is located in one of the most beautiful places in Chile, just a few minutes from Santiago, surrounded by native trees, near La Viñita and the stable that houses seven horses with which you can interact. It is a special accommodation where you can rest and disconnect from your daily routine.
Additional Services: Horseback riding, Guided Trekking, Blind Wine Testing  & Pairing.

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