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This is a small vineyard, which is part of a wider project on “human relations” focused on “Going Back to the Roots”. This is, to rescue the teachings and practice of values, principles and good habit to be kind to each other. We are located 1-hour drive north of Santiago. It is not about religion, nor politics. It is not a sect led by a moralist guru. It is not a trendy place for children of wealthy families lost in the affluent society that they were born and raised in, looking for the right path in their lives. For healthy life we run, hike or trek to the near by Natural Sanctuary El Roble Hill, including an ancient forest of white oak trees, facing the Aconcagua Mountain. We try to eat sound and drink good wine. If we get sick, some of us use bee therapy and take advantage of the silence to sleep well after contemplating the Milky Way in an impressive clear sky. Our motivation is to give opportunities in life to people who are part of rural life. Good people who are still in many ways, - specially in labour matters - , living in the XIXth century. Nevertheless, they have the wisdom of simple things learnt in the University of Life. To sum up, we work in the trilogy of “Education, Sports and Health” in the context of a beautiful tiny valley representative of Chile's so special geography and its tradition of "the friendly country". Sharing and working with the children ages 5 to 16 at the local School or in a Summer Camp is also included in the activities organized by the Caleu Cross Country Club (CCCC) Another important part of our project is to restore a 250 years old Spanish colonial house where some wwoofers stay. That is the place where we have our Library with books from a large number of topics. We have received men and women from Boston, NY, California; several from Canada; a couple from Alaska, several from Oxford and Cambridge universities; a couple from the Czech Republic, many from France and one from Texas. Some others - men and women - from the Czech Republic, Italy, Slovenia, Germany, Finland, Perú, Brazil and at present from Mexico. They all have had a great experience. Wine Culture in Caleu. The harvest is in March/April. Anyway, we have a lot to do in other activities being the starting of a new Green House one of them and taking care of vines just planted, such as Cabernet Sauvingon, Syrah, Grenache, Mission, Carmenere and Sauvignon Blanc. Needless to say, that blind and/or regular sessions of wine and sparkling wines tastings if part of the “working obligations” of PEOPLE coming to Caleu. This is, tasting quality and sharing the wine but also something lost in modern times: dialogues, conversations and exchange of ideas in a relaxed context of beautiful Nature. During the stay there are several sessions of wine tasting practices where PASSENGERS can get acquainted and familiar with the history and development of the Chilean wine culture. So, if you don’t have sense of humour, please don’t come to Caleu!

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